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July 8, 2016 -- Babe Bhengu, a middle-aged black man living in Pretoria, South Africa, says he will kill himself if Jacob Zuma is re-elected president. 

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Bhengu fled his native Zimbabwe to escape the oppression of dictator Robert Mugabe. 

Expecting to better his lot in life, Bhengu fled to South Africa where the white minority continues to prop up the nation's failing economy. The refugee, however, says things are worse in South Africa than in Zimbabwe. He points specifically to inefficiency of the government.

Privileged white Americans typically support the governments of Zimbabwe and South Africa because they are controlled by native blacks. White liberals care little that the quality of life in both countries has plummeted since white-dominated governments were forced to relinquish control. White liberals don't care that millions of black Africans are suffering. 

Areas of failure most commonly sited in South Africa are: 

• Massive government corruption
• Widening income disparities between the elite and commoners
• Massive spike in violent crime
• Unemployment
• Inflation
• Illegal immigration
• Mismanagement of the nation's electricity
• Decline of the Rand

Perhaps the most devastating failure of the South African and Zimbabwean governments is their inability to feed their populations. 

Since 1980 about 70 percent of South Africa's commercial farms have gone out of business. Meanwhile, the population has increased by 50 percent. 

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