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July 24, 2016

David Baker / -- Thank the innovation of Western civilization for today's advanced healthcare. 

Then hang on to your seat. 

Medicines are about to take an advanced leap forward at the speed of light. 

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A computational biochemist in Washington state is utilizing the genomics and computer revolutions to solve one of nature's most stubborn riddles: How long strings of amino acids fold up into the 3D proteins that form the working machinery of life.

According to

Already, this virtuoso proteinmaking has yielded an experimental HIV vaccine, novel proteins that aim to combat all strains of the influenza viruses simultaneously, carrier molecules that can ferry reprogrammed DNA into cells, and new enzymes that help microbes suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and convert it into useful chemicals. Baker’s team and collaborators report making cages that assemble themselves from as many as 120 designer proteins, which could open the door to a new generation of molecular machines.
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• The implications are significant. 

Psychologists have proven that high intelligence is concentrated among ethnic East Asians and Europeans, with Europeans having an edge in innovation. 

Average intelligence (or lack thereof) is manifested historically in cultural, sociological, and technological achievements. East Asians developed sophisticated writing techniques, advanced mathematics, and invented paper independent of ancient Greeks who also invented paper, developed sophisticated writing techniques, and advanced mathematics. 

The innovation of ethnic Europeans is made visibly evident in their architecture, agriculture, husbandry, mining, metalworking, trade, shipbuilding, geometry, astronomy, philosophy, writing, etc. 

Ethnic Europeans continue to contribute to the life enhancements of all people. 

• As the human population slowly grew, the number of intelligent humans grew accordingly. 

One percent of the world's population has a genius IQ of about 140 or higher. 

Assuming that has been a historical constant:

At the time of Christ, when the world's population was 300 million, there were 3-million geniuses spread across the globe. 

Today the world population is 7.4 billion, meaning there are 74-million geniuses. 

As the population grows, the number of geniuses increases and technology advances in direct proportion in free markets.

Most geniuses have been concentrated in ethnic Europeans societies evidenced by the technology made mmnifest from Skara Brae to Greece and beyond. 

The unraveling of protein folds is evidence that the contribution of Western innovation continues to contribute to the life enhancements of all people. 

• The increase in the number of intelligent humans resulted in the advancement of life enhancement that, in turn, increased the number of intelligent humans as the mortality rate was positively affected. 

That is, more humans are alive because of advanced technology. Advanced technology allows more humans to live. 

For example, had I been born 100 years earlier, I would not have survived infancy due to heart challenges. Fortunately, I was born in the mid-1950s when healthcare technology was sufficiently advanced to save my life. In 2012 I nearly died from a mitral heart valve malfunction. Had I lived 2,000 years earlier — or even 100 years earlier — I would not have survived. In 2014 I underwent emergency brain surgery. Again, had I lived 100 years earlier, I would not have survived. In 2016 I nearly died from sepsis due to bacterial infection. Again, Western innovation saved my life. 

Multiply my experience times 7.4 billion humans with thousands of life-threatening health conditions. 

• Today's humans live at the apex of technological advancement. Americans, in particular, are privileged to live at a time-point in history in which life enhancements far exceed anything previously known to humanity. 

Sadly, most of us are not only ungrateful, we're absolutely clueless regarding our privileged status of living in this time and location. Our lack of acknowledgement is akin to winning a trillion-dollar lottery and discarding the ticket as a useless slip of paper. 

• Cultural Marxism's focus is on sociological problems — most of them as real as the Emperor's new clothes — and strives to solve those imaginary problems at the expense of advanced health care and other life-enhancing technologies. 

The displacement of Western culture will ensure the destruction of the manifold life enhancements that culture provides. The outcome will be a new Dark Ages; a significant reduction in the human population that will live a paleolithic existence "in perpetual harmony with nature."

Our efforts to preserve Western culture is to assure that life enhancements — such as those currently being developed by the research of people like David Baker — continue for the benefit of all humanity, regardless of race. 

• Name one person anywhere on earth, regardless of ethnicity or race, who isn't the beneficiary of Western innovation. Look around you. As you see manufactured products — electric lights, cell phones, computers, plastics, etc. — name one item that was not directly invented by Western culture. Then ask yourself: Why does cultural Marxism vilify white people? 

The challenge is provide safe places where people like David Baker can be protected from urban savages and Islamic terrorists. 

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  1. lovely, clear article about western civilization.