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July 22, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- This is why we need to protect our right to bear arms. 

A gunman opened fire on children at a shopping mall in Munich, Germany. The victims had no means of self protection. Police were unable to save their lives. 

Had bystanders been armed, lives would have been saved. 

The fact is simple: Islamic terrorists will always have access to weapons.

Had Americans in San Bernadino, California been armed when Islamic terrorists stormed into a Christmas gathering on December 2, 2015, lives would have been saved. 

Had Americans in Orlando, Florida been armed when an Islamic terrorist stormed into a nightclub on June 12, 2016, lives would have been saved. 

In fact, had the Islamic terrorists known those venues will filled with gun-toting Americans, the terror attacks almost certainly would never have occurred. 

Likewise, had the gunman in Munich, Germany known his massacre would be met with armed resistance, he likely would have never initiated the attack. 

49 Americans were killed in Orlando and 14 were killed in San Bernadino: 53 American lives lost because they dared enter a gun-free zone where they were shot dead by Islamic terrorists who have no respect for gun laws.

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