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July 20, 2016 -- Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a far-left racist hate group, has called for violence against white farmers in his native South Africa. 

Malema says whites stole land from native blacks without compensation, then slaughtered or enslaved the previous owners. In reality, whites cultivated land where no natives lived and, in so doing, turned South Africa into the continent's bread basket feeding countless millions of blacks. 

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Malema has failed to realize the amount of productive land in South Africa averages about forty percent and failed to address the vast amount of food-producing land already given to black farmers over the last 20 years. Malema failed to mention how many black farmers have destroyed once fertile land that now lays barren. Another point Malema forgot to mention is the thirty-two percent of land given to the nine different ethnic groups in the 1970s to create an opportunity to govern their land successfully but failed dismally. And then Malema forgot to mention that the apartheid government gave these different ethnic groups the resources to implement stable states.

Malema fails to tell his audience that it was not only white land that must be expropriated but the land stolen by black tribes.

Land grabbing through violent means among African cultures has happened in the past, and land reform should not be taken as an opportunity to force whites off the land. Malema should know that forcibly removing productive land from successful farmers produces famine, unemployment, crime. Malema should be aware that the northern border countries have confirmed the collapse of productivity that often occurs when violent land reform happens. Of course, anarchy will ensue when measures are taken to remove people forcibly from their property. However much Malema praises the Zimbabweans, he is forgetting the suffering and continued struggles of these people.
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