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July 7, 2016

South African Holocaust Survivor
This 80-year-old farmer survived
an attack in June, 2016 -- Commercial farms are disappearing while the population is exploding

Besides injuries and the useless loss of innocent lives, farm attacks in South Africa are punishing the nation's struggled economy and its burgeoning population. 

According to, farming is South Africa's most dangerous occupation. Twice as many farmers are killed as police officers each year. 

With rare exceptions, virtually all of South Africa's farm attacks are black-on-white. 

During the apartheid era, South Africa was a major exporter of food. Today it relies on food imports to feed it's population. What's more, the population continues to expand as black Africans immigrate to the nation from poorly governed nation's to the north. reported that the number of commercial farms in South Africa would drop from 128,000 in 1980 to 15,000 by 2026. That drop not only endangers the nation's food supply, but drastically reduces the number of jobs available in rural areas where farming is the leading employer. There are currently fewer than 40,000 commercial farms in South Africa; a decrease of nearly 70 percent. 

In 1990 the nation's population was 36,794,000. By 2015 it had grown to 54,490,000; a 48 percent increase [source]. While the population of South Africa is soaring, the food supply is dwindling. 

The math is obvious: The number of commercial farms has decreased by about 70 percent while the official population has increased by nearly 50 percent. As the divergence escalates between diminishing food production and rising population, the sustainability will eventually reach a breaking point. 

Protecting South Africa's white farming community should be a matter of national security.

• The far left pressured South Africa to end apartheid and adopt the current de facto one-party system dominated by the African National Congress. 

True to form, the left cared nothing for the well-being of South Africans. Rather, its focus was exclusively on the Marxist leverage of "equality," a social mechanism utilized to destroy free markets. 

Granted, the left was successful at toppling the white-dominated government and economy. The quality of life for all South Africans, however, has deteriorated and will continue to do so. 

• The destruction of South Africa's prosperity (to accommodate politically correct but economically unfeasible far left) is a harbinger for the United States and Western Europe. As former Western nations succumb to invasions by low-IQ, Third-world countries, we can expect the same cultural thermodynamics that is destroying South Africa. 

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  1. Where can we send money to white squatter camps and farmers that are victims of these attacks?