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July 10, 2016 -- Not only is the federal government spying on law-abiding conservative citizens, it's making dossiers and sharing them with foreign governments. 

Those are the finding of The Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., a Michigan-based educational organization.

According to the organization:  

The Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., has acquired thousands of pages of documents via the federal Freedom of Information Act which unequivocally reveals that the United States federal government is spying on conservative and nationalist organizations and citizens, creating dossiers on them, and sharing the information with foreign governments even though no criminal misconduct is often alleged to have occurred.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has extensive files on National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr., Sam Francis, Revilo P. Oliver, Francis Parker Yockey, Willis Carto, American Renaissance, the Council of Conservative Citizens, Liberty Lobby, Stormfront, and the Michigan State University chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom. For the first time ever, these documents are being released to the public.

This investigation has taken years to complete, and it is presumed that the released documents only represent the tip of the iceberg as to the federal government’s questionable activities as it pertains to trying to stifle anti-liberal political philosophy.

If you are a political dissident and are interested in determining whether the FBI has a file on you and getting access to it, contact Attorney Kyle Bristow ( for a free consultation.

A summary of the findings of the investigation:
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  1. could it be israel, china , russia and a few muslim countries yes it could.