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July 14, 2016 -- The six words are: We act out what we believe.

Black thugs have been convinced by the media that police — white police in particular — unfairly target black males. 

Black thugs act on that belief. 

The fact that the belief is incorrect has no bearing on their actions. 

Government statistics prove that black commit a disproportionate number of crimes relative to other races. The Dept. of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that blacks committed 52.2% of homicide in the United States. Most of those murders were committed by black males who comprise about 4 percent of the nation's population. 

The media have found a perpetual source of agitation. Black thugs will always commit violent crimes and they will always necessarily be confronted by police. Inevitably, white police officers will be required to use deadly force. The media will endlessly exploit each episode to advance the cultural Marxism agenda. 

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  1. its whites who are unfairly treated! in a sane society these creatures wouldn't be tolerated or deported to their origins.