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July 3, 2016 -- Here's a stupid idea: Let's impose restrictions on law enforcement. Force the police to stand down when they encounter black violence. 

The outcome?

Black people get hurt. Many die. 

See video below

In the video below you will see Africans in America behaving without restraint. 

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• This is not a make-believe Hollywood production. Hollywood will never expose the reality of black-on-black violence. It simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxism narrative that only white people can be oppressors. Blacks must always be the victims of whites — and only of whites. 

The video reveals:

1 - Why privileged white liberals isolate themselves in white enclaves. 
2 - Why Jim Crow laws existed.
3 - Why responsible parents will teach their children to avoid large groups of young blacks. 

Posting the video will also prompt accusations of racism.  The purpose of the accusations is to intimidate those of us who tell the truth. 

It works like this:

1 - If you tell the truth about black violence, you will be called a racist.
2 - No  one wants to be called a racist.
3 - Consequently, no one tells the truth about black violence. 

• The phenomenon of blacks behaving badly on mass transit is nothing new. 

On May 14, 1900 a 25-year-old white man was gunned down by a black thug in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Alex Whitney was riding a street car when two black males boarded. One of the black males sat in the seat in front of Whitney, the other obstinately sat on Whitney's lap. 

Whitney, of course, objected and a fight ensued. The black male sitting in front of Whitney, identified as William Willis, pulled a revolver and shot the young white man in the face. Whitney was dead within minutes. 

A mob of white men gathered at the  jail where Willis was held. The crowd demanded justice for the murder. Authorities responded by ordering twenty-five policemen armed with rifles to guard the jail. 

For his protection, Willis was secretly placed on a train and escorted out of Atlanta. White citizens on the same train notified others via telephone and, when the train made a routine stop at Grovetown, authorities found a crowd of angry white people had gathered to confront the killer. 

Officers were overcome by the angry mob. Willis was taken to a wooded area where he was held by the mob until positive identification could be secured. Once the crowd was certain they had the killer in their custody, he was hung by the neck from a tree. The rope, however, broke and the second attempt was made at lynching the black man. The second attempt was successful. The body of Willis was riddled with bullets and a sign was hung around his neck as a warning to other negroes. 

The governor responded to the lynching by commissioning four companies of state troopers to the area to prevent further violence. 

A group of Atlanta businessmen sent a written complaint to Atlanta city authorities "that the law requiring the railways to furnish separate accommodations for white persons and negroes was not being enforced."

Black behavior has not changed in 116 years. White reaction to black behavior has changed dramatically. 

Black behavior has not changed in 116 years. White perceptions of black behavior has changed dramatically. 

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  1. they have no empathy even for their elderly and enjoy others misery vile primitive genetically inferior. notice a white women only cared, thats why we're not like they are.