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July 13, 2016 -- The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession is a presentation by Prof. Kevin MacDonald. 

It is the most articulate presentation I've heard on the subject. 

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Among the points made by Prof. MacDonald (paraphrased): 

The moral, intellectual high ground is occupied by hostile elites. Those who acknowledge that are ostracized. It is a huge disincentive. 

The self interest of whites is to sell out their own people. To do otherwise may result in a lost job or inability to acquire employment. 

For example: One must pledge allegiance to multiculturalism and diversity to acquire an administrative position at most government universities. 

People know what they have to say to get ahead. 

Social learning theory: Models are effective if they have prestige. 

To oppose multiculturalism is to be viewed as uneducated and morally defective. 

Those whoae ideas conflict with the "zeitgeist" are presented by the media as stupid. An example is Archie Bunker. 

Dispossession is a top-down revolution. 

Social sciences are dominated by the left. There is a consensus. Aspiring academics must concede to succeed. 

Prestigious universities embrace dispossession. Conservatives, then, must avoid higher education. They will be rejected or, if accepted, will flunk out. 

Among academics who have been ostracized are E.O. Wilson, Philippe RushtonHelmuth Nyborg, and Kevin MacDonald himself. 

Individualism is fundamental to understanding the West. 

Fritz Lenz was an imortant geneticist who had the idea that human evolution in the north (Europe) was a product of the harsh environment of the ice ages. The people of northern Europe were shaped by the evolution within that harsh environment. Selection for intelligence was part of the evolutionary process. Problem solving  — being able to deal with the harsh environment — was also part of the process as was individualism. 

Individualism is part of our uniqueness. Individualism contributes to creativity. 

There was natural selection for pair bonding, love and affection (the basis of marriage), and a high investment in children. There was also selection for monogamy. 

A man could not support multiple wives under those circumstances; the ecology would not support that. In all other cultures successful men had multiple wives. 

Collectivist societies had arranged marriages. Marriages in individualist societies are based on physical attraction, love and affection, and personal compatibility. Others societies commonly allow cousin marriages; inbreeding. That is not good for the proliferation of intelligence. Exogamous marriages are the norm among European people. 

The outcome appears to be hair color diversity and eye color diversity. 

Extended tribal families are not the norm among Europeans. Rather, they prefer nuclear families with higher status for women. A conundrum is that feminists don't object to Islam invading the West. 

Three groups entered Europe: 10,000 years ago the people who re-populated Europe were hunters-gatherers. About 7,000 years ago, white skinned people arrived who were farmers. The Indu-Europeans, from the Middle East, arrived about 4,500 years ago conquering the other groups. 

Egalitarian individualism — no one thinks they are better than anyone else — is a European trait. 

Individualists are more likely to be altruistic with positive attitudes towards strangers. The recent flurry of adoption of Haitian babies is an example. 

The empathy-love system is heritable. Sociopaths, on the other hand, don't care about others. Europeans tend to be more gullible, trusting, and prone to guilt. 

Pathological altruism is apparent in those who are so altruistic that they hurt themselves. Richard Lynn concludes that blacks are more sociopathic.  

Idealism is a trait of Nordics; a desire to achieve a Utopian society. That is unseen in other cultures. 

Morality is defined as an abstract moral ideal. Moral idealism is one way to cement an individualist society together. Shame and guilt, not kinship, are motivators. Guilt is almost uniquely Western. 

A moral indictment is a weapon against the West. These include slavery, the Holocaust, etc. Non-Europeans are concerned with the group; what is good for the group. Ethics is determined by non-Europeans in the context of kinship rather than moral idealism. 

In Third-world societies corruption proliferates because the first obligation of those who achieve high office is to their kinsmen. Nepotism, on the other hand, is anathema in the West. 

White Americans are inclined to escape diversity, though they seldom talk about it. NASCAR, the Tea Party, and white neighborhoods are examples. It's called implicit whiteness. 

Explicit whiteness is when the desire to be with other whites is clearly expressed. 

The cortex (upper part of the brain) controls the lower part of the brain. Accusation of prejudice leads to inhibitions. Accusing white people of having white interests attacks the higher part of the brain. 

People tend to be attracted to genetically similar others. The cortex can inhibit that natural tendency through cortical control of the sub-cortical area of the brain. Accusations of xenophobia is an example of cortical control of the sub-cortical.

We are fighting for control of the human cortex. 

We are losing an evolutionary game. 

Three historical examples express these tendencies. 

• The Puritans framed Utopian causes as moral imperatives; creating a city on a hill. All failed because they ignored human biology. 

They had a moral vision that slavery was evil and were willing to incur huge cost even though they were unaffected by it. 

Puritans were known for high levels of executions but low instances of criminal violence. 

• New Zealand was treated differently from the United States by the British empire. Personal liberty is important to Americans while social justice is the concern in New Zealand. 

The British were high minded and idealistic. 

In 1861 whites in Haiti were brutally attacked by blacks. Some in Britain believed the blacks were correct. They had never traveled outside Britain. 

• Quakers were leaders of the moral movement against slavery. It was a moral crusade. 

Quakers wanted a moral nation; moral in group. Disenters were shunned and ostracized. We that today. We must be on the same page of multiculturalism or face shunning. 

Abolition was understood as a moral in group. 

All people live in groups. European groups are morality based. Other groups are based on ethnic kinship. 

We need to frame our own ideas that it is morally defensible to support our own people and that multiculturalism is unfair. 

People with money can move away from violence. 

More diversity will reduce the interest in contributing to public healthcare. 

We need to form our own in groups. We need to be more conscious that we have our own strengths and weaknesses. Indiscriminate empathy is a weakness if not under control. 

We are fighting for the cortex. 

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