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July 30, 2016 -- Police officers rallied in Somerville, Massachusetts. 

The point of contention?

Leftist mayor Mayor Joe Curtatone refuses to remove his "Black Lives Matter" banner from city hall. 

The officers find it offensive and with good reason: Five white policemen were assassinated in Dallas earlier in the month. The killer was reacting to Black Lives Matter media propaganda.

The fact that the banner offends police officers — and that a large segment of the population find the banner repulsive  has no bearing on the matter; at least from the mayor's perspective. 

Elsewhere in the nation — South Carolina in particular — Confederate flags have been removed from public display on government properties. The reason? A large segment of the population find them offensive; a media-inspired reaction to the murder of nine parishioners in a black South Carolina church. 

The hypocrisy is maddening. 

Somerville, Massachusetts is 69 percent white and 9 percent black.

Imagine a Confederate flag flying from the city hall in a community that is 69 percent black and 9 percent white where the mayor is a die-hard Republican.

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