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July 25, 2016 -- Diversity was no strength in Germany where a Polish woman lost her life after being attacked by a machete-wielding middle-Easterner. 

A member of the world's largest hate group, Islam, attacked the pregnant woman in Reutlingen. The attacker injured two others before being run over by a BMW. 

The murder victim was described as  45-years-old and pregnant.

Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel is complicit in the attack and should be held accountable. 

The rampage occurred in Reutlingen. The attacker was identified as a "refugee" from Syria. 

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• There have been 28,868 Islamic terror attacks since 9-11/2001. From July 16 to 22, 2016, there were 29 Islamic attacks netting 137 deaths and 185 injuries spanning 14 nations. Three of those attacks were suicide bombings. 

During the same time frames, Confederates committed zero terror attacks and neither injured nor killed anyone. Nonetheless, the media continue to portray those who proudly fly the Confederate flag as haters while embracing Muslims as victims of Islamophobia. 

• Western nations are using asylum laws as a convenient method to bypass the immigration process, allowing millions of Muslim insurgents to flood into western Europe under the guise of "refugees."

In the United States, children born to the insurgents while they are in the country become citizens and will likely support the far-left agenda of the Democratic party when they reach voting age.

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