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July 24, 2016 -- Michael Caine reportedly has an idea for restoring manhood and reversing the wussification of British boys: He wants to reinstate the military draft; or National Service as it's known in the United Kingdom. 

Maurice Joseph Micklewhite — Caine's birth name — served with the Royal Fusiliers during the Korean War and claims he came close to losing his life during the conflict, reports say.
While we appreciate the aging actor's concerns, we also note the military is not the same as it was when Caine was doing battle with communists. 

Most Western nations allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military and, given the fact that women are allowed to serve in combat, are far more prone to pregnancy than when Caine was in uniform. 

What's more, the same over-reaching central government that is turning boys into pansies operates the military. 

Government force seldom solves problems and a military draft is seldom a sane option. 

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