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July 5, 2016 -- Idiot German politician Selin Goren said she lied about being raped by four Arabs.

The lie? Goren told cops the men who raped her in January were a mixed group of foreigners and nationals who spoke German. In reality they were Arab-looking, Arabic-speaking thugs.

She also lied to police by telling them she was only robbed. In reality she had been robbed and raped. 

She said when she spoke to police she was thinking about the protest march against racism and sexism that was due to take place in a few hours, as well as about the anti-migrant attacks which had been occurring in Germany following the New Year’s Eve sex assaults in Cologne.


In a Facebook post which she has since deleted from her page, Ms Goren said: “What really hurts me is that it is a fact that the sexist and over the line incident that happened to me will inevitably lead to more aggression and racism.
Like most far-left globalist, Goren is a delusional, psychotic twit who is out of touch with reality. 

The far left feigns feminism. In reality the left exploits women as objects of manipulation to demonize white men, a cornerstone of Western culture which Marxists-globalists despise.

The crime occurred in Mannheim. Goren is 24-years-old.  

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  1. politician? thats why the world is on fire a silly little girl that belongs in a mental institution.