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July 6, 2016 -- Chinese "racketeers" are waging a race war against Muslim insurgents . . . in Italy!

International Business Times, a respected mainstream media newspaper, reports that Chinese business owners in the town of Prato "carried out a series of racially motivated attacks against North Africans."

Unlike native Italians, ethnic Chinese living in Europe and America are immune to white guilt.

Police arrested members of the "The City of the White Stag" cultural association. Chinese are accused of organizing street patrols that attack North Africans on sight. 

Late last month Chinese living in the area rioted and clashed with police. 

• According to

On Wednesday [June 29, 2016] hundreds of Chinese migrants clashed with riot police in nearby Sesto Fiorentino, throwing bottles and stones. Police responded with baton charges.

The report referred to the Chinese community in the city as "insular."

About 16,000 Chinese live in Prato, making it the second largest Chinese community in Italy. 

• The Marxist notion of multiculturalism and unity with diversity seems consistently fail among most ethnic groups. White people, of course, are the notable exception due to decades of indoctrination and and an innate tendency for altruism and empathy. 

About 20 percent of Italy's 270,000 Chinese own their own businesses. 

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  1. The Chinese Tongs are doing what the Italian Mafia can't.