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July 27, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- One of the few advantages of being old, fat, ugly, and broke is the unlikelihood that I'll ever be caught up in a sex scandal. 

Nonetheless, it's refreshing when I stumble upon another human being who is arguably uglier than me. 

That person, as seen in the photo, is a heretofore little known British bureaucrat named Angela Gibbins.

Gibbons was disciplined this week for calling Britain's Prince George a f*****g d******d".

Considering Gibbons is an executive at the taxpayer-funded British Council, an organization whose purpose is to promote the UK abroad, the discipline is well deserved. 

Prince George, by the way, recently celebrated his third birthday. 

So what prompted the unwarranted attack on a toddler? 

Prince George
Attribution: Matt Porteous
It seems the little boy is cursed with (a) being white and (b) being male. That qualifies him as the quintessential privileged white male f*****g d******d".

Gibbons evoked the term "white privilege" to describe the little boy on her personal Facebook page. It's innate, she said; then ranted about the monarchy in general as archaic in a democratic society.  

(White privileged,' by the way, is a far-left invective created to excuse hating white people. In the Marxist Book of Mythology, all white people are innately privileged and racist whether they know it or not, regardless of age or economic status.

Years ago the radical left began proliferating the terms "prejudice" and "stereotype" to impose guilt upon the the minds of white people who, the left insisted, was guilty of being prejudiced towards black people who they stereotyped as criminals. 

Note that the word "prejudice" means to "pre-judge". To presume all white people are innately racists who are smitten with white privilege is to prejudge; to be prejudice. 'White privilege' is a stereotype. 

Granted, the whole idea of a monarchy in a republic seems a waste of taxpayer money, but keep in mind that Gibbons earns — excuse me — is paid £80,000 (about $105,000) from the government till; money taken from taxpayers to support her job that, quite frankly, is less vital to the British economy than the monarchy. At least the House of Windsor is a money-turning tour attraction. 

Gibbons, on the other hand, is nothing more than a f*****g b***h.

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