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July 18, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- Is this why Jim Crow laws existed? 

A lone white boy is seen riding a train; probably a mass transit system in a major city. The location is not disclosed. 

He is encircled by a a group of feral black teens. One of the boys punches the white boy without provocation. The others laugh. 

Attacking white people for sport has been a staple among feral black teens long before 'the knock out game' attracted the attention of the media. 

Such black-on-white racist attacks transcend generations in America. Only those who lived in urban areas were familiar with the phenomena of black-on-white violence. 

The advent of the Internet coupled with the proliferation of video devices allows privileged white liberals to witness the raw racism that engendered Jim Crow laws. The intent of such laws was never to discriminate against black people by skin color, but to protect whites and others from black violence. 

Still, those who choose to live a mental fog of psychotic denial attempt to purge such videos from social media. 

Be mindful that for every video capturing black-on-white violence, there may be thousands of such attacks that go unrecorded or the attackers aren't foolish enough to implicate themselves by posting the assaults on the Internet. 

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  1. always in a pack! always from behind! cowards by themselves.


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