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July 24, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- According to the US Dept. of Justice Bureau of Justice statistics, "Police stop white, black and Hispanic drivers at similar rates" [source]. The report dispels the long-standing "driving while black" myth that contends blacks are racially profiled by traffic cops. 

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Nonetheless, "In 2011, about 68% of black drivers believed police had a legitimate reason for stopping them compared to 84% of white and 74% of Hispanic drivers." [ibid]

A 2015 poll reported by CNN revealed that, "1 out of 5 African-Americans said they were treated unfairly because of their race in dealings with the police in the past 30 days" [source].

The report added, "By comparison, only 3% of whites said they'd been treated unfairly, according to the poll."

While race was not a significant factor, gender and age were factors. 

The report said, "Male drivers were pulled over at higher rates than female drivers, and younger drivers were more likely than older drivers to be stopped."

That, however, does not necessarily constitute sexism or age discrimination. Rather, it may reflect that males and young drivers may be more likely to offend than others. 

• That is reflected in incarceration rates. 

Only 9.3 percent of the total prison population in the United States are female. In 2013 there were 213,700 females incarcerated compared to 2,492,400 males. 

The long-standing excuse that blacks are incarcerated at a higher rate than whites because of income disparities cannot be applied to the male/female ratio as feminists routinely complain that men earn more than women. 

Males are incarcerated more frequently than females because males are genetically predisposed to commit more punishable crimes than women. The same applies to traffic stops. 

Blacks are incarcerated more frequently than whites because blacks are genetically predisposed to commit more punishable crimes than whites. The same applies to traffic stops. 

Research by Dr. Richard Lynn suggests that race is secondary relative to arrest and incarceration rates. The profile of violent criminals typically includes three factors: Gender (male), age (18 to 49), and intelligence (IQs ranging in low 80s to mid 90s.) While there may be no "crime gene" among black males, the average IQ of young black males in the United States tends to be about 85, while their young white male counterparts possess average IQs of about 100.  

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