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July 4, 2016 -- There were stabbings, beatings, and shootings. 

One  man — Anthony King — lost his life. 

Neighbors said such is not the norm for the community country club. 

Tucked away in a white suburban neighborhood is Lakewood County Club in the Mayberry-esque community of Salemburg. The town is 88.91% white. 

A black family apparently rented the clubhouse for a reunion. 

Authorities say alcohol contributed to hot tempers that led to a massive brawl. About 100 people were at the event. 

One report claimed multiple people were shot and stabbed.

Police were called to pacify the melee. One deputy was cut while breaking up the fight. 

Do black people brawl every time they congregate? Of course not. Were that true, every black church service would end with two parades: One to the hospital and another to the jail. 

The frequency of violence among Africans in America is, however, a phenomenon worthy of note. The national media won't touch it. 

According to

Three people were shot, one person was stabbed and two people were beaten during the massive fight, the sheriff's office said.

One victim, Anthony King, of Roseboro, died a few hours later from the injuries he sustained in the shocking incident. 

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