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July 3, 2016 -- Pardon me while I nudge you out of your psychotic, cultural-Marxism-imposed delusion and lead you back to reality. 

Below is a video of black women recently brawling in a New Orleans restaurant. 

Questions come to mind?

Why do we never see this side of African America accurately portrayed in movies or on television? Are the media lying to us by omission? 

Why do we almost never seen East Asians, white, or Hispanics engaged in spontaneous brawls?

Why do the guys holding the camera always yell "Worldstar" while recording, rather than use their phone to call authorities, attempt to break up the brawl, or try to help those who may be wounded? 

Click to view video
The video was recorded at a restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. No other information was made available.

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  1. this article is so racist ,sexist ,and antisemitic...i have 6 million lawyers from the ADL and SPLC ready to sue you goy over muh hurt feelings...
    Your insults are like a negro holocaust