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July 9, 2016 -- 23-year-old David Stewart was executed while behind the wheel of a vehicle in Charleston, West Virginia. 

Reports say Stewart was shot with a AK-15 prompting him to accelerate the vehicle to escape the gun fire. He died moments later. 

Arrested for the crime is Deandre “Dravo” Moore, 19, a former cute little black boy turned street thug. 

Stewart was white. Moore is black. The national media have ignored the murder. It does not fit their narrative that blacks are the perennial objects of white oppression. 

The crime was reported July 8, 2016. 

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Each year hundreds of white Americans are murdered by black thugs. Virtually all go unreported by the national mainstream media. 

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  1. can you imagine if a white killed a hominid with a AK-15 it would be world news and that fraud they call president exploiting it and more riots. how many unreported a week you say 100s it may be 1000 a week!