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July 27, 2016 -- Carolyn Temple is dead.

The 69-year-old white woman was murdered during a purse snatching. 

Convicted for crimes related to her death is Antwain Dukes. The criminal was sentenced to 70 years for crimes related to Temple's death. 

Dukes was 17-year-old at the time of the crimes. Also arrested were two other black 17-year-old males; Antreal Jones and Jerome Moore.

Dukes was fatally shot outside a Jackson, Mississippi home in January, 2015. Duke pleaded guilty to numerous charges, including the death of Temple, in July, 2016. 

If you are an elderly white woman, please shed your psychotic delusion of white privilege to escape black-crime denial. It may save your life. 


Dukes pleaded guilty in several cases in which the initial charges were capital murder, armed robbery, house burglary, escape, felony malicious mischief, and second degree arson. The file has not been updated with yesterday's pleas, officials said, but should be sometime Tuesday.

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Temple, 69, was shot in the stomach just after she arrived at the Belhaven home of her boyfriend, Conner McAllister. She had gone to the street to bring up the garbage cans from the curb when she was attacked by two men who attempted to take her purse. When she resisted, they hit her in the head with the gun and then shot her.

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While traditional families do exist within the black community, many black teens can best be described as village-raised and feral. That is, many are sired by feral young males who are emotionally unattached to the black females they impregnate and assume no responsibility for their offspring's upbringing. The mothers are endowed with government funds to feed their babies who are turned loose to run neighborhood streets where they are raised by peers; hence the concept, "raised by the village."

It is a cycle: Feral young males siring feral young males. 

America does not have a gun problem. America has a young feral black male problem. 

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