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July 11, 2016 -- Social Justice Warrior Tyler Gebhard was shot dead after he broke into a St. Louis area home. 

Gebhard was an apologist for the Black Lives Matter racist hate group. The break in was prompted by an online debate on Facebook. 

The home was owned by a police officer, reports say, who had engaged Gebhard in the online discussion. 

According to

Gebhard threw a 50-pound concrete planter through the window and entered the Lakeshire residence as the officer's wife, mother-in-law and two young children struggled to escape through a bedroom window, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said. The off-duty officer shot and killed Gebhard.

"I don’t think the officer had a choice — I honestly don’t,” Belmar told reporters on Saturday, labeling the situation “a very difficult position to be in.”

Lakeshire, with about 1,400 residents, has just 11 streets and is 0.2 square miles. In November, officers shot and killed a man in the tiny community after he attacked family members with a hammer and knife.

Black Americans have an average IQ of about 85 and are often unable to comprehend the consequences of their actions. 

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  1. what a brilliant burglary a 50 pound cinder block through a cops window! lol im sorry not really.

  2. The fool got what he deserved.