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July 21, 2016 -- Let's call it 'gender denial.'

It's a component of cultural Marxism that denies obvious genetic differences.

According to news reports, boys are encouraged to dress as girls in "non-gender-specific" free play. 

What's more, teachers are discouraged from using gender specific terms such as 'mum' and 'dad.'

The measures are the brain farts of Australia's powerful teachers union and underscore the abject stupidity of government schools. 

Among the dumnicity is the policy that teachers must address students in gender-neutral terms. 'Student' is a gender-neutral term. 'Brainwashed twit' is also a gender-neutral term. 

Cultural Marxism has convinced us that it takes a village to raise a child. Parents are no longer parents. Government schools have taken responsibility for forming the world views of children. Parents who disagree are viewed as narrow-minded bigots. 

Don't you know it's 2016? 

Applauding has been banned from school assemblies. The noise is insensitive to those who are sensitive to noise. 

And, of course, Christmas carols have been banned as culturally insensitive. Apparently government schools are insensitive to Christians. 

And who is funding the insanity? Taxpayers. 

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  1. while the morlocks down below churn and eat them.

  2. It takes a village to raise an idiot.