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July 26, 2016 -- There are few perspectives espoused by The Amazing Atheist with which I agree. 

TJ (sorry, I don't know his last name), trends to the left and punctuates his monologues with profanity; not the type of stuff I care to hear. 

In a recent video, however, The Amazing Atheist noted that "roughly half" of homicides in the United States were  committed by blacks. 

Where did he get that statistic?

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The answer is: From us. That is, from those of us who have consistently propagating truth while fending off false accusations of racism. 

When I began my website in 2012, few self-respecting liberals would admit — let alone state publicly — that black commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. 

The point? The efforts of relatively small websites can reap huge rewards, thanks to the Internet. We're gaining traction. The truth is spreading. 

Persistence has its rewards. 

Here's another example:

On March 11, 2012 I published an post about Anthony Johnson, the first legal slave holder in what is now the United States. It was curiosity that drove me to research the identity of the first slave owner. I surprised to discover Johnson was black. 

The following day a major conservative website published a similar article. Part had be lifted (plagiarized) from my post. One paragraph was literally identical to what I had written. While I appreciate attribution, I found it gratifying that a single post on a small blog could so quickly gain traction. 

Now, practically the entire nation is aware that the first legal slave holder in the United States was black. 

Granted, I was not the first on the Internet to write about Anthony Johnson. Wikipedia and honest education institutions included this bit of history long before I discovered it. Historians had written about Anthony Johnson for over two centuries before I was even born. 

The point, rather, is that the advent of the Internet is allowing even small efforts to have a major voice in disseminating the truth and positively affecting public policy. The viral dynamic of information distribution is incredibly resonating, radiating waves of reality to a potentially billions of minds. 

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For the record: The Amazing Atheist is approaching 1-million YouTube subscribers. 

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