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July 17, 2016 -- Believing the earth is round or flat has no bearing on its roundness or flatness. It is what it is, regardless of what we believe. 

Nonetheless, we give our moral biases precedence over reality, then mentally adjust our world view to adapt to those biases. 

Rather than believe what we see, we see what we believe. 

Social engineers understand this principle and, consequently, tamper with our moral biases, realizing they are simultaneously tampering with our perceptions of reality. Our perceptions of reality are altered by skewing our belief systems. 

For example: Reality is that East Asian have higher average IQs that white people who have higher IQs than non-white Latinos, Hispanics, and most Middle Easterners, who have higher IQs than blacks. 

That reality is rejected by most because it is divergent with our sense of morality; a morality that convinces us that such acknowledgement is somehow racist and racism, we're convinced, is immoral. 

The outcome is that we deny actual reality with an imposed false reality. The actual reality is that races have different levels of intelligence. The false reality is there is no intelligence disparity between people groups. 

The consequence is that we act out what we believe. For example: We act out our false believe by investing countless millions of tax dollars in attempting provide people who are intellectually handicapped with  a level of education that transcends their capability. It's akin to wasting millions of dollars training me (age 63) to be an NBA-class athlete. 

Morality is subjective. Reality is immutable. However, innately subjugate our sense of reality to our sense of morality.

Marxism is adept at dishonestly consigning natural phenomena to social causes; a form of acting out a set of false beliefs. 

For example: Marxism will claim the economic divergence between white and black Americans is due almost exclusively to white racism. White racism is defined in terms of white privilege, trans-generational trauma caused by slavery, micro-aggressions, and host of other reality-defying  and bogus sociological causes.

The reality is that East Asians earn more per household (average) in the United States because they are more intelligent. Whites earn more per household than non-white Latinos and Hispanics who earn more than blacks for the same reason. 

Examples of subjugating our perception of reality to our sense of morality seem infinite. The outcome — acting out what we [falsely] believe — is also seemingly limitless. 

Millions of Hindus believe in reincarnation. Their sense of reality and subsequent acting out adjust to their false beliefs. Hindus believe that cows may very well be their reincarnated ancestors; a false belief. They ignore the reality that cows are, well, just cows. They act out their false belief by allowing cows to roam freely through the streets. 

Millions believe that climate change — formerly called 'global warming' — is caused by free markets. That false belief engenders a false reality that compels 'true believers' to act out their misguided faith. Consequently, millions recycle pop cans, putter around in electric cars, and refuse to lop down trees. They imagine they are significantly affecting the environment. In reality they are stifling free market capitalism by supporting flawed government policies and, in so doing, empowering government's grip on our daily lives through over-reaching environmental laws. 

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