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July 8, 2016 -- We don't have a gun control problem. We have a media control problem. We have lunatic liberal control problem. We have a violent young black male problem. 

That was made evident as Africans in America opened fire on police and others in Texas and three other states: Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri.

The lunatic left will continue to exploit episodes of police officers defending themselves against violent black thugs as an impetuous impetus to enact gun control legislation and subvert the U.S. Constitution.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar says the suspect, who is in his 30s, ``ambushed'' the officer, who is in critical but stable condition. His identity wasn't released.
• 25-year-old Micah Johnson was killed by police in Dallas, Texas. The young black male allegedly killed five police officers in Dallas and had a personal journal of combat tactics at his home.

• From

Authorities in Tennessee say a [black] man who opened fire on a highway in Tennessee targeted police officers and others because he was troubled by incidents involving black people and law enforcement officers.
• From USA.COM:

A man who called 911 to report a car break-in Friday ambushed a Georgia police officer sent to the scene, starting a shootout in which both the officer and suspect were wounded, authorities said. Both are expected to survive.
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  1. no we have a negro problem.

  2. Race relations in this country are as bad as they were in the 1960s. What started with LBJ culminates in BHO.