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July 20, 2016 -- Lauren Ashton was raped two years ago while walking home at night in Ipswich, England.   

Her tale or horror contradicts the "innocent negro" narrative presented in the novel and movie To Kill A Mockingbird

The rape occurred two years ago when Ashton was 18. She now suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). 

No outcry was heard from feminists who ignore rapes committed by blacks. 


'He kept pushing me against the wall, and I kept refusing and struggled to get away but the man wouldn’t take no for an answer.'

Nothing prepared Lauren for what was to follow. Shaboot then pulled her into an alleyway and viciously raped her twice, leaving her paralysed with fear.

She explains: 'I kept trying to push myself up off the floor and get him off me but my hands kept slipping in the mud and the man overpowered me.

'After that, I froze. It was like I was paralysed. The attack seemed to go on forever.

'All I could think was if I scream, he is going to kill me.' 

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  1. she is pretty and young now she knows reality maybe she will save others.