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July 31, 2016 -- 75 percent of suspects who fatally shoot police officers in the United States are black.

That's the conclusion of Salil Mehta of Statitiscal Ideas blog.

According to Mehta:

• 90% of black homicide victims were killed by blacks. That's eight times the rate of white-on-white homicides. 

• For every ten blacks killed by police, one police officer is killed by a black. 

• Unjustified killing of police has increase 70 percent year-to-date (July, 2016) compared to previous years-to-date.  

• Year to date (July, 2016), 75 percent of police officers murdered in the line of duty were killed by blacks. 

Mehta, a Sikh Hindu, is a statistician. You may read his credentials here ►

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