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June 15, 2016 -- It seems the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is more interested in being "relevant" than being righteous. 

The overwhelmingly white Southern Baptist Convention hypocritically voted this week to repudiate the display of the Confederate flag. 

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The group overwhelmingly approved a resolution at its annual conference saying that the flag is perceived by many as a symbol of “hatred, bigotry and racism” and [is] asking people to take it down.
We wonder: Why did the convention wait until it was politically correct to repudiate the flag? If displaying the flag is offensive and sinful, why did the convention not vote to repudiate it five, ten, or fifty years ago? 

The answer: Even self-professed 'conservative' Christians are influenced by popular opinion; more so than by true religious convictions. 

We wonder: Will the convention wait until it's politically correct to repudiate the American flag? After all, slavery was practiced in the North and many in the North not only profited from the slave trade, but supported slavery by purchasing goods produced by slave labor. 

Many say the American flag is a symbol of “hatred, bigotry and racism.”

• What other affections of the secular world will the Southern Baptist Convention adopt?

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. — Romans 12:2

The SBC worries about offending black brothers and sisters, but doesn't mind offending Southern patriots who are proud of their Southern heritage. In his statement following the resolution's passage, convention president  Russel Moore noted that descendants of Confederate soldiers supported the resolution. Is Moore unaware that many black Americans are not duped by anti-Confederate rhetoric churned out by the cultural Marxist left? 

• At what point did the SBC adopt the heretical view that practical theology is determined by whom is offended? 

If avoiding offences is the objective, the SBC should abandon Jesus. After all, many consider him to be the ultimate offense.

Tumbleweed Christianity:
Blown about by public opinion
rather than the Holy Spirit
• I call it 'tumbleweed' Christianity. Tumbleweeds literally go with the flow of the wind. 

While Christians imagine themselves to be influenced by the Holy Spirit (characterized by Jesus in John chapter three as the wind), they are, in reality, influenced by the winds of public opinion. 

Were public opinion not "blowing" contrary to the Confederate flag, the SBC would still be supporting the supposed racism and intolerance the flag represents. 

In short, the SBC isn't truly concerned with spiritual astuteness, but is determined to follow the influence of popular opinion or, as the Apostle Paul called it, "the world."

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