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June 9, 2016 -- A dialectic, as I understand it, it the presentation of divergent views with the intention of obtaining truth. It's the foundational principle of the Western judicial system. 

A Hegelian dialectic occurs when a biased party controls both divergent views and presents them the such a manner as to arrive at a pre-drawn conclusion. It's commonly practiced among the liberal media. 

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White Americans sulk with guilt-ridden shame because we believe the Hegelian dialectic presented by the media and entertainment industries. It compels us to express our disgust with racism, even when no racism exists. We immerse ourselves in white guilt and shy away from honest conversations about race. We live in denial; in a state of self-delusion. 

We lie to ourselves and believe the lies. It is cultural psychosis. 

• For example, why do we lie to ourselves about the so-called "underground railroad"?

Only about 5,000 slaves were reported missing during our nation's regretful 400-year slave era, according to eminent black historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Those included slaves who slipped away for the night but returned the next day. 

(March 8, 1655 is the date Anthony Johnson became the first legal slave holder in American history. His slave was John Casor. 210 years later slavery ended with the conclusion of the Civil War. Nonetheless, Muhammad Ali insisted it was 400 years. Who are we to doubt the greatest human of all time?)

We imagine every black slave longing to bolt from the oppression of the antebellum South and head to the Promised Land beyond the Mason-Dixon line. 

Why do we believe that lie?

In fact there were no barbed wire fences stretching along lines that separated slave states and free states. There were no government security forces dedicated to keeping Negroes in their places on plantations. In fact, most slaves were owned by small farmers, not massive plantation owners. 

• Why do we lie to ourselves about American history?

Who lived in this cabin? Black slaves? Or white people?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln
Few black slaves had an interest in fleeing their plight to the North. Slave quarters were barbaric by today's living standards. By the living standards of the era, however, they were typical of many white dwellings. No homes had electric power or indoor plumbing. Many white people lived in log cabins and prairie homes that would be condemned as unsuitable for human habitation in today's America. 

Nonetheless, we believe an imaginary narrative about slavery that is divergent with reality. How many know, for example, that the 1860 census reported 3,775 free blacks living in South Carolina who owned black slave labor?

Why do we refuse to admit that black slaves in America fared much better than their black cousins in Africa? 

Denial of reality — or displacement reality — persists today. 

• Why do we believe white people are innately and historically racists?

We imagine white devils are the essence of evil; that white Americans are tainted with a sadistic history of randomly raiding the homes of southern blacks during the reconstruction era; of beating and lynching helpless Negroes without provocation. 

Who convinced us to believe that lie? 

In reality whites are statistically more likely to be victims of black violence than vice versa. Even Abraham Lincoln, at the age of 19, was attacked by a mob of seven black thugs. 

Visit for hundreds of documented cases.

• Why do we lie to ourselves about violent black-on-white crime? 

We ignore the epidemic of black-on-white violence. That violence convinces even the most privileged white liberals to avoid black neighborhoods. 

The truth is that 52.2% of homicides in America were committed by blacks, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Most of the offenders were black males ages 18 to 49. 

Is the Dept. of Justice racist for revealing accurate data? 

Why do we lie to ourselves? 

• Why do we lie to ourselves about Western technological contributions?

Who convinced us that we are evil devils because we are white? Why do we refuse to acknowledge that virtually every innovation that enhances the lives of all humanity was birthed in the minds of white people? Who taught us to recoil in guilt and shame rather than embrace our heritage of helping others? 

Look around you this very moment and note the items that are the products of white innovation and ingenuity. Imagine living in a world in which all white innovations suddenly disappeared. You would have no electric lights, no automobiles, no computers, no Internet, and no insulin injections for diabetics. You would have no books and, according to recent discoveries, no paper and no alphabet. 

We are convinced that white people have a long history of oppression while, in fact, literally billions of humans are alive today due to the healthcare innovations of white people. Billions are fed every day because Western culture provides advanced food production and preservation. Every time a black person flips on a light switch, he is giving a silent testimony to white innovation enhancing the lives of black people. 

Here's a suggestion: Rather than naming your white privilege, name a white invention that enhances the lives of all humanity. 

• Why do we lie to ourselves about Western imperialism?

Still, we lie to ourselves about race; convinced that white people are selfish imperialists who stole land from Africans or American Indians.

Few bother to mention that Europeans found sub-Saharans living a paleolithic existence from which they could not emerge were it not for the introduction of Western technology via "imperialism."

When Europeans first arrived in the Americas, they found most Indians engaged in brutal inter-tribal warfare. Virtually every Indian village proudly displayed the scalps taken from those they had murdered. The Indian culture of butchering other Indians had persisted for generations. It was a genocidal holocaust that spanned thousands of years. 

By 1880 virtually all inter-tribal violence had ended as the lives of American Indians were enhanced by Western innovations, including education. 

• Why do we lie to ourselves about intelligence differences?

We lie to ourselves about intelligence differences by blaming economic disparities on social and institutional racism rather than on congenital mental disabilities. In reality the distribution of wealth in free-market economies coincides with intelligence; not race. People groups with IQs that average above 100 tend to have higher household incomes than those with lower IQs. Wealth in free market economies is commensurate with their average intelligence. That is why there are so many black millionaires in America. 

Why do we believe the lies?

The news media and entertainment industry propagate the lies. 

That is why we believe. 

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  1. white people are basically nice one of these hominids smiles or acts friendly they automatically think they're all nice for every one that is 10000 are not.and the constant push by media and academia for 60 years.

  2. We need to realize that we founded this country for God given rights. The agenda of the federal government is to keep us ignorant so that Islam is allowed to enslave us.