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June 20, 2016 -- The mainstream media, you'll recall, made much ado about the fact that Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson was white and the street thug, Michael Brown, who tried to kill him was black. 

Consequently, we follow the same pattern of profiling criminals and victims by race. 

Annatjie Myburgh, 53, was carjacked and kidnapped on her way to work in South Africa last week. Her body was discovered this weekend. Reports say the victim got no further than the gate of her farmhouse in White River. Her glasses and two clubs called pangas were found at the scene. Apparently the victim was forced into the vehicle of her abductors. 

Arrested for the crime was Selby John Mabila, 26. Mabila is one of four black males accused of the crime. 

Myburgh was the same race as Darren Wilson. Mabila was the same race as Michael Brown. 

Feminists have voice no complaint to four males kidnapping and murdering a woman. The reason for their silence, we suppose, is that feminists are preoccupied stigmatizing white males as oppressors who objectify women. When black males commit crimes against women, feminists are unusually quiet. The pattern of black-on-white crime simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxism narrative. 

Thousands of white farmers and their family members have been murdered by black thugs since the end of apartheid in 1994. Meanwhile, the nation's economy is regressing to the norm. 

Annatjie became a grandmother seven weeks before her disappearance.

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