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June 26, 2016 -- Enough, already, of referring to European patriots as 'far-right,' 'anti-immigration,' and 'Nazis'. 

With few exceptions, they are none of the above. 

The swimming pool in Mistelbach, Austria has banned Islamic insurgents posing as refugees.

The reason for the ban? 

A 13-year-old girl was sexually molested by a brown-skinned man — aka, "rapefugee" — in the women's restroom. 

It's the same reason Jim Crow laws banned blacks from swimming pools in the United States: Unprovoked aggression against whites. 

When civil rights laws overturned equal-but-separate laws, the swimming pools in the South remained largely segregated with one difference: Instead of all-white they became virtually all-black. 

White people in the South avoid large crowds of black people. Their motive is not racism, but avoidance of black violence and crime. 

White people in the North also avoid large crowds of black people. It's reversed Jim Crow. Even privileged white liberals take extreme measures to avoid Negroes unless the circumstances are controlled. White liberals flee to racially segregated safe spaces where they may — to validate their tolerance and purge their guilt — accept an occasional token black person into their neighborhood or social circle. 

There is a Bitch of Buchenwald who lives in my neighborhood. She apparently fancies herself the inimitable example of anti-racism. Oddly, she goes nowhere near black folks, but remains hibernated in her Jim Crow suburban neighborhood, surrounded by law-abiding people. Just once I'd like to see this Bitch of Buchenwald take a dip in an urban swimming pool in Indianapolis or Louisville. 

What happened in the South and has always existed in the North — Jim Crow becoming reverse Jim Crow — will occur in Europe. 

Rules banning migrants from swimming pools will be deemed racist. Civil rights legislation will be instituted to protect the civil right of rapefugees. White people will then avoid swimming pools in Mistelbach and throughout Europe to avoid being exposed to the violent criminal behavior of miscreants from the Middle East. 

The facilities will be dominated by non-whites; reverse Jim Crow. It's a form of racial segregation that privileged white liberals prefer. If Europe's reverse Jim Crow laws invalidate freedom of association at private-organizaton pools, white Europeans will simply swim less, or not at all. 

If you are a privileged white liberal who deems yourself an avid anti-racist, I congratulate you on your high moral standards and convictions. To validate your atonement of white privilege, please go to a black-dominated swimming pool at an urban area near you, and take a selfie. I'll post it on my web site. 

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