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June 2, 2016 -- A video was recently posted on the Internet in which an asylum seeker attempts to shoplift from a grocery in Germany. 

Watch video below

The 'refugee' tries to make it out of the door with two bottles of wine. He's stopped by a store employee. 

Reports say the police were called, but refused to respond. They had responded to two other calls at the same store earlier in the day. 

Employees were able to find help from members of a community watch group that were patrolling the area. Three men in black shirts are seen entering the store and escorting the 'refugee' out. The shoplifter puts up a fight, but is pushed out on the street without the wine. 

What we learn from this is: 

• Police are overwhelmed with crime caused by asylum seekers. 

• Neighborhood watch groups must donate their time patrolling the streets to control crime. 

• The 'refugee' was apparently profiled by the employees because of his appearance. 

• Asylum seekers from the Middle East have transformed Europe from a peaceful, law-abiding region.

• The 'refugees,' virtually all Islamic insurgents, have no plans to leave Europe.

• While European governments are spending millions of taxpayers' money on accommodating Islamic invaders, they are doing little to protect Europeans from crime. 

• Effectively, all of Europe is being 'shoplifted' by Muslims.

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