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June 26, 2016 -- They look the same. 

One is a husky young black unarmed thug. The other is a blond armed police officer who appears to be under 30-years-old. 

Watch video below

The black thug reaches for the officer's holstered weapon. The officer reacts with an arm lock. 

Unlike the Officer Wilson, however, the officer in the video is under controlled circumstances — a police interrogation room — with other officers nearby ready to help. 

Wilson was alone on the street when he was attacked by Brown. 

The attacker in the video has been identified as 23-year-old Thomas Robinson. He is accused of fatally shooting a black teen — 17-year-old Reno Armstrong Jr.

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It's one of thousands; black-on-black homicides that the national media ignore with impudence. Black-on-black crime simply does not fit the cultural Marxism narrative that whites are oppressors and non-whites — particularly blacks — are their victims. 

How many white-privileged liberals do you know who believe the life of Michael Brown mattered? How many white liberals do you know who believe the life of Reno Armstrong, Jr. mattered?

Ask you liberal friends to name one young black males who was murdered by another young black male. Chances are, they can't name even one. Why? Because black lives don't really matter to privileged white liberals. 

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