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June 18, 2016 -- Not only did Southern Baptists turn their backs on American patriots, it voted to embrace Islamic invaders posing as "refugees."

How could the regressive left so effectively penetrate the minds of so-called "conservative" Southern Baptists?

Without a compass, any direction can be north. 

By keeping Americans in the dark regarding our history, the regressive left successfully manipulates our minds. We have no compass, so we move in the direction we are led.

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That wrong direction includes the 'Roots narrative' regarding American history; a false reality that supposes white slave traders raided African villages then transported countless millions of chained black Africans to America where they were forced into slave labor on massive white-owned plantations. 

Southern Baptists believe the false 'Roots narrative' because they have no compass that points to historical truth. 

In short, their decision to repudiate the Confederate flag was based on ignorance. 

Ignorant of what? You may ask.

• They are ignorant of the fact that black Africans were sold to Europeans by black African slave owners. That is, few Africans were captured by Europeans. Rather, they were purchased from black slave holders. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that American-owned slaves fared much better than African-owned slaves. That is, when black Africans were sold into slavery and destined to America, their lot in life improved dramatically. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that thousands of free blacks owned slave labor in the antebellum South; that in 1860 the largest slave holder is South Carolina was a black plantation owner named William Ellison. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that the first black military officers in American history served the Confederate army. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that the last Confederate field general to surrender to the North was a Cherokee Indian named Stand Watie; the chief of the Cherokee nation. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Catawba, and Creek tribes fought for the confederacy. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy; that black Confederate soldiers bore arms while black Union soldiers could not bear arms but were relegated to roles of servitude. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that a death camp — Camp Douglas — was maintained in Chicago. It was home to Confederate prisoners of war, about one third of whom died due to neglect. About 6,129 Confederate soldiers are buried in a mass grave at the site in Chicago. Black Confederate soldiers were simply shot on site upon arriving at the camp by Union guards. 

• They are ignorant of the fact that the North was complicit in slavery and, consequently, the American flag is no less a symbol of the slave era than is the Confederate flag; that — in time — we will be expected to repudiate the American flag as well as the Confederate flag to atone for our "racist past." 

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