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June 2, 2016 -- The restaurant Dudok Den Haag in the Netherlands cancelled an appearance by South African patriot Steve Hofmeyr.

Hofmeyr was to speak to an audience about the plight of Afrikaners, descendants of the Dutch settlers who brought Western technological enhancements to Africa's southern region when the area was virtually unpopulated, with the exception of Bantu tribes. 

Haters accused Hofmeyr of harboring racially provocative views. 

• The regressive left has learned to silence honesty by stereotyping honest people as racists. 

The cultural Marxism virus depends on deception to infect our minds. Reality is the most effective antidote for the virus. For that reason cultural Marxism seeks to stifle the truth from reaching our minds. The false accusation of racism acts like a switch that turns our minds into the 'off' position, leaving our minds infected. 

• Hofmeyr is a popular South African musician. Click here to hear his music

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