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June 12, 2016 -- An electrical substation blew up in South Africa last week. The explosion occurred when the station was switched on after undergoing maintenance. 

South Africa has been crippled by perennial rolling blackouts in recent years. The government is simply unable to effective manage the nation's electrical system. 

The South African term for blackout is "load sharing."

South Africans go without electricity several hours almost every day. 

When the power is off, business grinds to a halt. 

The blackouts are intentional. The government owned utility company, Eskom, initiates the blackouts to cut megawatts from the electricity grid. 

During the apartheid years South Africa was known as a "reliable repository of cheap, plentiful electricity."

The nation has two nuclear power plants that provide about 4 percent of its electricity. Six to eight new nuclear plants are planned by 2030 with companies from Russia or China likely to supply the reactors. 

Imagine a substation exploding on a nuclear scale. 

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  1. Please note: The ANC Government "Newspeak" for a Blackout is in fact ."Load Shedding", not "Load Sharing"