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June 9, 2016 -- Not until photos of the injured infant were posted on Facebook was an arrest made. 

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Markell Hilaire, 27, was arrested on charges of assault and criminal mistreatment. 

Reports say they returned from a date to find their one-year-old Jacob's screaming and the Hilaire asleep. 

The boy's father went to police but complained no action was taken. In frustration the father posted images of the beaten baby on Facebook. 

The crime occurred in Sherwood, Oregon in March. 

Hilaire is black. Jacob is white. 

Had a white man been accused of beating a black baby, the national media would be ablaze with accusations of extreme intolerance and racism. 

The anti-white bias exists for a reason: Karl Marx taught that his followers should accuse their enemies of what they do. In keeping with that directive, the media have been consistent is portraying white Americans as oppressive abusers of black people. In reality, the opposite is true. 

White people have been bullied, cajoled, intimidated, and shamed into silence regarding black-on-white crime. Few care to be stereotyped as racists, and so they regress into a state of self-induced psychosis in which they accept a false reality. Tragically — with few exceptions — the only white people addressing the epidemic of black-on-white violence are racists. 

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  1. What in god's name were the parents thinking entrusting the care of their baby to this man???? Wake up and stop believing all the nonsense propaganda, especially when it comes to the welfare of your child.