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June 28, 2016

Click ▲ to watch video -- Denial of reality is not synonymous with anti-racism.

Rather, denial of reality is synonymous with psychosis. 

This was made evidence (again) this week when The Red Cross was shamed into removing a 50s-looking pool safety poster which was deemed racist. 

The poster, seen below, illustrates cool and not cool behavioral practices in and around a public swimming pool. The cartoon-style drawing depicted black children behaving badly while white children were behaving properly or, in one case, the victim of black violence. 

What if the poster depicts real black behavior as made evident by simple observation? Is it still to be deemed racist?

Racially segregated swimming pools and other recreational facilities were the norm in the South during the Jim Crow era. All blacks were banned from pools designated for white-use only. All whites were banned from pools designated for black-use only. 

The reason for the segregation was bad-behaving blacks. Not all blacks behaved badly; but enough were so incorrigible that racial segregation was the most sane and effective solution to allow all citizens access to taxpayer-funded recreational facilities. 

The end of Jim Crow laws did not end racial segregation. Rather, it ended whites from using government operated swimming pools that were underwritten by 'white' tax dollars. All pools effectively became all black. Segregation persisted with few exceptions. (Even white liberals avoid blacks. Sen. Bernie Sanders, for example, fancies himself an anti-racist, yet lives in the nearly all-white, segregated state of Vermont.) 

The same is true in most large Southern cities. The end of Jim Crow didn't end racial segregation. Whites fled urban areas, abandoning them to black populations. Segregation often become more pronounced. 

Acknowledging reality — that Africans in America are more likely to behave badly than whites — is not racist. Consequently, the Red Cross poster that accurately portrays real world scenarios experienced by all, is not racist. It simply runs afoul of the cultural Marxism narrative that pretends there is no behavioral disparity between blacks and whites. 

If you believe the poster below is racist, you are not anti-racist. You are psychotic; you are in denial. 

If you disagree, please spend the day at a black-dominated urban swimming pool in your area and send selfies of yourself. I'll post the photo on my website as evidence that some white liberals are not hypocrites; assuming, of course, the photos are not risque. 

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Hey, @RedCross, send a new pool poster to@SalidaRec bc the current one they have w your name on it is super racist

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  1. I see nothing "racist" about the poster at all. We just live in a world of PC gone MAD.