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June 14, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- 28-year-old Frank Hammar was in the hospital while his classmates attended their graduation ceremony. Hammar also attended via Skype from his hospital bed. 

See video below

Hammar was shot twice by two POCs (persons of color) after having dinner with his parents in Wynwood, Fla., near Miami. His parents had flown in from Sweden to attend the graduation.  

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The regressive left pretends to advocate unity when, in reality, it divides us into two groups: White (bourgeois) and POC (people of color, aka, proletariat). 

The left then stokes hatred among the POC against white people while eviscerating whites for the "unearned privilege" and immersing them in guilt. 

When POCs violently attack white people, the nation media remain silent as they advance the false narrative that white people are oppressors of POCs. 

We will never have racial harmony and understanding due to the divisions caused by the hate mongering of cultural Marxism. 

Why Are Whites Afraid to Speak the Truth About Black-on-White Crime?

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