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June 20, 2016 -- It's a classic brainwashing technique used by fascist regimes and religious cults.

First, reward those who embrace the cult's dogma. Shower them with acceptance and approval. 

Second, punish those who embrace reality. Reign hell upon them with shunning and disapproval. Castigate them as personifying evil. 

Third, make public examples of both.

The outcome of the reward and punishment strategy is glassy-eyed zombies who live in perennial psychotic stupor. 

Kenneth Lewis is a quintessential example of one who dared to embrace reality. For his forthrightness he was suspended from his position as Assistant State Attorney in Florida. 

What truth did he say that was so offensive?

Speaking of downtown Orlando, Lewis wrote on Facebook:

Downtown Orlando has no bottom. The entire city should be leveled. It is a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs. It is void of culture.

One would think that a truth-telling government official would be praised for his honesty; particularly in an age when cronyism, corruption, and ass-covering is the norm among the nation's political elite. 

See our adopted motto atop this page: "In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act." 

Lewis was not honored as a revolutionary hero. Rather, the media tarred and feathered him as an example to other officials who would stray from the cult-like mindset of cultural Marxism.

Lewis also wrote, "If you live down there you do it at your own risk and at your own peril. If you go down there after dark there is seriously something wrong with you."

Truth be told it is likely that the free-speech hating leftist loons who suspended Lewis heed his advice: They seldom — if ever — venture into the bottomless vortex that is downtown Orlando at night. 

It's not the first time Lewis has run afoul of the mind-manipulating Marxist miscreants. In 2014 her wrote: 

"Happy Mother's Day to all the crack hoes out there. It' never too late to turn it around, tie your tubes, clean up your life and make difference to someone out there that deserves a better mother."

For that bit of reality Lewis was forced to endure a mind-bending sensitivity training course. Apparently some of us are immune to brainwashing. 

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