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June 16, 2016

Greet your new neighbors -- Obama has proposed changes to Section 8 housing that would compel poor folk to move into wealthier neighborhoods. 

Translated in the vernacular, Obama wants to force racial integration of your neighborhood. The Wall Street Journal called the changes "sweeping."

Obama's plan is to increase subsidies in wealthy white neighborhoods and lower subsidies in poor black neighborhoods. 

The changes in the Section 8 voucher program would give a bigger subsidy to tenants in expensive neighborhoods, helping them make up the difference between what they can afford and the high rents in areas that often have better schools and transportation. But it would decrease subsidies in poorer neighborhoods, a move that landlords and tenant groups warned would increase evictions or force lower-income families to pay more for rent.
The outcome of the government program will be a decrease in property value. 

In a free market economy, poor people move to wealthier neighborhoods after increasing their incomes through hard work, strategic planning, and natural skill sets, including intelligence. Those unwilling or unable to improve their personal finances remain in poor neighborhoods. Still, free markets improve the quality of life of all people regardless of income. 

Most "poor" Americans, for example, own cell phones, flat-screen televisions, and have access to the world's most advanced healthcare system. 

In a government controlled economy the quality of life regresses to the lowest common denominator as the "masses" become equally poor. Only the privileged elite — such as Raul and Fidel Castro in Cuba, Nicol├ís Maduro in Venezuela, and Kim Jong-un  in North Korea, live privileged lives. 

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