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June 24, 2016 -- Marcus Allen Smith, 25, is accused of raping an 87-year-old white woman to death. Smith is black. 

During his testimony in court Smith, 25, "described the sexual assault and murder of an 87-year-old woman in terms so graphic that his mother passed out in a front row of the courtroom where Smith has been on trial since June 6."

Smith said he stuffed the elderly woman's body in the trunk of his car, then purchased gasoline with her credit card, and set her aflame. 

Smith said he wandered the neighborhood before the killing looking for someone to rape or kill, stopping to peer into windows and consider his chances of success. Two doors down from Grazioli's house, he spied on another elderly woman and used a crude term to describe her anatomy.
If you are an elderly white person you will want to assume a black thug is casing your residence. You will want to take necessary security precautions. 

Smith entered the white woman's house through a window in November, 2011. 

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