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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

June 16, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- A left-leaning British politician was shot and stabbed in gun-free Britain. 

Jo Cox was a Labour Party Member of Parliament. 

The assassin has been identified as Tommy Mair. Preliminary reports speculate the alleged killer is a Britain-Firster. Biased media falsely claimed the attacker shouted "Britain First" as he attacked Cox. 

In reality the alleged killer's neighbors claimed Mair is not politically involved or astute. He does, however, have a history of mental problem

There is no evidence at this point that Cox was targeted because of her political views. Rather, Mair was engaged in a dispute with another person when Cox got involved. Mair, then, turned against her. 

The Stay campaign is exploiting the murder using false information. 

Paul Joseph Watson said, "Some people are incredibly stupid" and will believe the media's lies. 

In an upcoming national referendum, British citizens will decide whether or not to stay in the European Union. Muslims are almost unanimous in opposing Brexit. Their votes may tilt the scales.

Do stringent gun laws prevent gun violence? 

Apparently not. 

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  1. Ohh, Its very bad news, I think we stops this types of shots and feedams. British politician also take action against .it


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