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June 3, 2016 -- Detroit, Mich., the largest city in African America, will receive $88-million in federal funds to fight blight. 

Detroit has a black population of 713,777 making it the largest black city in African America. 

Earlier this year the city received two effective grants from the federal government of $42 million and $130 million

Two years ago the city was awarded $850 million to tear down "40,000 dilapidated buildings, demolish or restore tens of thousands more, and clear thousands of trash-packed lots," according to the New York Times

That's a total of about $1.1 billion allocated to Detroit for the primary purpose of tearing down buildings designated as "blight." 

Translated into real terms, white people — who contribute the lion's share of tax revenue to the federal government — donated about $1.1 billion to remove blighted buildings in Detroit over a three-year span.

Why are tax dollars from America's white majority being redistributed to Detroit? For the same reason " . . . the United States provided nearly $12 billion in official development assistance (“ODA”) to African nations" in 2012 alone. According to the Bergen Report, the funds were "allocated to education, health, infrastructure and economic development programs."

To reiterate: White taxpayers are forced to send millions of dollars to Detroit for the same reason they are coerced to donate billions of dollars to African nations. 

What is the common denominator that links Detroit and Africa?

• In 1910 the city was 98.6 percent white and prospering. In 2010 the city was 7.8 percent white and dilapidated. 

Some blame the economic down trend on Democratic Party administrations. Others say changes in automobile manufacturing caused the city to plunge into economic depression. Some contend the 1967 race riots were a pivot point when white property owners began fleeing the city. Some say forced integration via school busing compelled whites to move out. Some contend there is a connection between intelligence and the ability to earn income. 

(I personally blame privileged white liberals who isolate themselves in white suburbs where they lounge in their white-privileged lawns feasting on tea and crumpets while bitching about honest bloggers by calling them "racists" rather than moving their fat white asses to blighted black neighborhoods where they could freely redistribute their unearned white privilege to underprivileged African Americans.)

Whatever the cause, this fact remains: Virtually every major city in African America is economically depressed relative to white America but economically advanced relative to African Africa. It also true that virtually all the blighted, dilapidated buildings in African America were constructed and maintained by white Americans but fell into disrepair after being occupied by African Americans. 

• What is true of African America is also true of African Africa. 

Twenty African nations were colonized by or made protectorates of Europeans over an 82 year span (1830 - 1912). As Western innovation developed Detroit in the early 20th century, Western innovation was introduced to African colonies; many of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Stated more concisely, as white people developed Detroit, they developed sub-Saharan African nations. 

There is an obvious correlation. 

The colonial era in Africa came to a end in the 1960s and was tantamount to white flight. Likewise, white people abandoned Detroit; many left after the 1967 race riots. The demographic shift became apparent in 1973 when Detroit voters elected the city's first black mayor, Coleman Young. The results in both cases — Africa and Detroit — was regression to the norm, otherwise known as blight. 

As white tax dollars are "invested" to prop up Detroit, white tax dollars are "invested" to prop up former European colonies in sub-Saharan Africa. 

• Geographic regions dominated by black Africans — from municipalities to nations — lag behind most areas dominated by ethnic Europeans in life-enhancing technologies and wealth.

The phenomenon is universal. 

The reason for the disparities in technology and wealth between black and white cultures is as obvious as it is politically incorrect. White people, on an average, are more intelligent than blacks. What's more, white people, on an average, tend to be innovators; a trait that thrives in free market economies. 

Anthropologists believe Negroes have populated sub-Saharan Africa for about 200,000 years. During this time technological development remained almost constant. Rudimentary technologies such as the wheel, bridges, boats, bows and arrows, agriculture, etc. were never developed. When David Livingtone traversed sub-Saharan Africa in the mid-19th century, he found stagnated tribal cultures that were virtually unchanged for millenia. 

Most of the technologies that enhance sub-Saharan Africa were introduced by Europeans in the past 150 years. Without Western European engagement with sub-Saharan Africans, they would still be living in grass huts. 

• So what's the point? 

The demise of Western culture appears to be an objective of the predatory left as a means to erase the economic disparity between whites people (bourgeois) and "people of color," a Marxist neologism of sorts for proletariat. 

Tragically, the demise of Western culture will dismantle the economic and technological infrastructure that enhances the lives of blacks living in Detroit and sub-Saharan Africa. That erosion is clearly seen today in Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa. 

In short, the displacement of Western culture will force Africans worldwide back into their paleolithic existence. To destroy Western culture is to destroy African culture as the latter is a beneficiary of the former. 

And that, my friends, is why global Marxism is - at its root — abject anti-black racism. Those of us who defend Western culture are defending the innovations that enhances the lives of black African in Detroit as well as Africa. 

To paraphrase Karl Marx: He advised his followers to "accuse your enemies of doing what you do and being what you are."

Marxism is abject anti-black racism. And that is what they accuse of being. 

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African America's largest ten cities are: 

1 - Detroit, MI - 713,777

2 - Memphis, TN - 646,889 

3 - Baltimore, MD - 620,961

4 - New Orleans, LA - 343,831

5 - Birmingham, AL - 212,237

6 - Montgomery, AL - 205,764

7 - Jackson, MS - 173,514

8 - Savannah, GA - 136,286

9 - Miami Gardens, FL - 107,167

10 - Flint, MI - 102,434


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