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June 17, 2016 -- Nazi hunters are running out of Nazis to hunt. 

The few remaining veterans who fought for their fatherland in WWII are in their nineties. 

One of the surviving soldiers is 94-year-old Will Hanning. Prosecutors say he is responsible for the deaths of 170,000 at the famed Auschwitz labor camp because he was stationed there during the war. 

One who testified on behalf of the prosecution said she was 14-years-old when she arrived at Auschwitz, but was, at the time, unaware there was a crematorium at the camp. Rather, she was assigned to work in a factory. 

The Jewish Holocaust in coming under increasing scrutiny as some historians are demanding definitive answers for logistical problems regarding the alleged murder of millions. 

• The Nazis executed two labor camp commanders for abusing inmates. One of those commanders was Karl-Otto Koch, commandant of the Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp; one of the largest camps on German soil.

Karl-Otto Koch was arrested by the SS. He was tried, and convicted by a judge who was a member of the SS. He was executed by firing squad on 5 April 1945 at the Majdanek labor camp by the SS as inmates watched. He was found guilty of murdering an inmate and embezzling from inmates. 

Koch's wife, Ilse Koch, requested a lamp shade made of human skin. Apparently she liked an inmate's tattoo. Ilse was tried and convicted by the U.S. military and imprisoned. She committed suicide in prison in 1967. 

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  1. In his uniform picture he looks awfully young what were his duties at the camp?I doubt he personally ordered the deaths of prisoners. For all we know he may not have condoned it at all.This sounds like the Black BS that all Whites are
    responsible for slavery.Even if he did condone it did he personally kill anyone? Or give such orders.Or was he just following orders that if he disobeyed might result in his own death? I just love the idiots that say "I would have refused to do that!" I bet they would change their mind if they were looking down the barrel of a Mauser K 98!