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June 14, 2016 -- While the international media are focused on the nation's deadliest massacre in history [Apologies. I thought the 2,977 massacred on 9-11/2001 were greater than the 49 massacred in Orlando. Silly me.], they are ignoring the generations-old epidemics of black-on-white and black-on-black criminal violence. 

Thousands gathered at Maumee Bay State Park in Ohio to watch fireworks Saturday night. Among them were young black males.

One of the victims — 24-year-old Karl Avery — was killed. 

According to

Jacob Lickert and Leon Oldham [see photo] say they were out with their families to have a nice night watching fireworks at Maumee Bay State Park Saturday night. Oldham said he and his nephew Karl Avery got up to use the restroom when a group of men confronted them, stabbing Avery. Oldham said his nephew fled the scene while he was left to fight with the suspects.
The victim is assumed to be black. 

Authorities are searching for a black male with dreadlocks suspected of stabbing three people. added: 

Police say there are two suspects described as young mixed race or black males around 6'0" and slim. One was wearing a red shirt and a hat. A third suspect involved is described as a dark skin black male with dreadlocks. They say the suspects were seen leaving in a silver, possible Ford Taurus, with the third suspect driving.

Those of us who were raised in urban environments are aware that one does not use public restrooms when black males are present. The likelihood of being assaulted are almost 100 percent. 

Low-intelligence, violent black males prefer to hangout in public restrooms where they can avoid scrutiny. Any person who enters the restroom is almost certain to be assaulted. 

• Violent criminals are profiled as males, ages 18 to 49, with IQs ranging in the low 80s to mid 90s; a profile that overlays many violent black criminals. 

• Privileged white liberals pretend to care about black Americans, but only when blacks can be objectified as victims of white oppression or police brutality. Privileged white liberals seldom speak out in defense of victims of black-on-white or black-on-black violence. 

• Many young black males are raised by the village rather than traditional families. Their fathers are absent, their mothers unconcerned with their well-being, and their social structure involves running with other feral young black males in urban neighborhoods. They are both the victims and perpetrators of violent crime. They lack empathy for their victims. The concept of consequences for their actions is beyond comprehension due to low intelligence and the inability to mentally grasp such abstracts. 

That is why privilege white liberals prefer to isolate themselves in white neighborhoods where they pretend to askew racism and feign compassion for the under-privileged black proletariat. 

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