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June 27, 2016 -- When the government tries to fix something that isn't broke, bad things happen. 

Enter the United States Dept. of Justice. 

Officials for the federal law enforcement organization say they plan to impose mandatory bias training on their employees. 

What could possibly go wrong? you ask. 


Each time the government attempts to divert law enforcement away from black crime, black crime increases. It's akin to torching a tender box. 

• After police were forced to stand down during the Baltimore race riots in 2015, black-on-black crime escalated. Year-over-year, homicides in Baltimore increased by 63% in 2015.*

Baltimore homicides per year:

2012 — 217 homicides

2013 — 235 homicides

2014 — 211 homicides

2015 — 344 homicides (an increase of 123 dead black people)

2016 — 133 homicides (first six months)

Statistically, the number of black homicides in Baltimore increase by 123 in 2015*. 123 dead black people represents .03% of the black population. 

Nearly three percent of all Africans in America live in Baltimore. 

Extrapolated nationally, a nation-wide stand down by  law enforcement would result in an additional .03% of the nation's 14-million blacks to die by homicide each year. That's 4,200 dead black people per year; 42,000 per decade. 

(*Note the riots and subsequent stand down occurred April, 2015. The increase in crime occurred over a nine-month period; not the entire year.)

• When New York City mayor David Dinkins took the 'stand-down, bias sensitive' approach, black people died by the thousands. When his laissez faire technique was replaced by the direct engagement policies of Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg policy, literally thousands of black lives were saved. 

When Democrat David Dinkins was mayor, thousands of lives were lost to homicides: 

2245 homicides in New York City (1990)

2154 homicides in New York City (1991)

1995 homicides in New York City (1992)

1946 homicides in New York City (1993)

After mayors Rudy Giuliani and Bloomberg implemented their 

get tough policy (1994-2013)the numbers dropped dramatically

534 homicides in New York City (2010)

515 homicides in New York City (2011)

414 homicides in New York City (2012)

333 homicides in New York City (2013)

There were fewer homicides in NYC in 2013 than in any year recorded to date.

“Implicit biases” is the code phrase to justify the effort. 

In reality real white racism is virtually non-existent in America. Consequently, the minds behind Marxism must find white racism where none exist. Hence, the biases are not overt. They are implicit; implied. Smile at a black person and be accused of implied indifference to the legacy of slavery. Don't smile at a black person and suffer the consequences implicit inner feelings of hatred and prejudice.

How long before implicit bias is considered an assault? A hate crime?

How many thousands of black lives will be lost because the far left is denuding law enforcement? 

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  1. a government run by women and negroes what could go wrong! you jest!