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June 24, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- Stop you ears, my racist liberal friends. You're about to be confronted with facts. 

A largely ignored article (published in 2013) confirmed that Europe's first advanced civilization was populated by white people; Caucasians. 

According to the headline published in Britain's Daily Mail:

The Minoans were Caucasian: DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe's first advanced culture was from Africa
The Minoan civilization emerged about 2700 BC and thrived for the next 1,200 years. 

DNA tests of Minoan remains suggests they were descended from ancient farmers who settled the islands thousands of years earlier. These people, it is believed, are from the same stock that came from the East to populate the rest of Europe.
White people whose minds have been infected with the cultural Marxism virus tend towards self abasement. The truth will set them free. Reality is the antidote the purges the brain of cultural Marxism indoctrination.

The racist left is seeking to destroy Western culture that has existed for thousands of years.

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DNA evidence confirms that ancient Egyptians were also white. 

Ramses II, for example, was a fair-skinned red head. 

In 1975, the mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested by Professor Pierre-Fernand Ceccaldi, the chief forensic scientist at the Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. Professor Ceccaldi determined that: "Hair, astonishingly preserved, showed some complementary data - especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a Red haired 'cymnotriche leucoderma'." The description given here refers to a fair-skinned person with wavy Red hair. [Ceccaldi, Pierre (1987). "Research on the Mummy of Ramasses II". Bulletin de l'Academie de m├ędecine. 171:1 (1): 119.]
King Tut was white as made evident by his DNA.

A Discovery Channel documentary revealed that King Tutankhamun belonged to the R1b1a2 haplogroup that is common among Western Europeans but rarely found in Modern Egyptians. 

The revelation was confirmed by the prestigious iGENEA, a genetic genealogy research organization. 

The king's facial features are those of a white person. 

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