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June 24, 2016 -- In spite of the nation being invaded by Islamic hordes, enough sane Britons remain in the United Kingdom to edge out a victory in the Brexit campaign; a national referendum to leave the European Union (EU). 

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51.89% of Britons voted to leave the EU. 48.11% voted to stay in the EU.

Prime Minister David Cameron submitted his resignation effective in October and Nigel Farage suggested a national holiday to celebrate the historic referendum. 

Farage called for the end to the European Union stressing that sovereign nations can work together. 

While patriots in Britain celebrated the nation's first Independence 
Day, the liberal media declared it "black Friday" and emphasized short term reactions by the stock market and a temporary drop in the British pound.

Jeremy Corbyn, Britain's treasonous head of the far-left Labour Party, is expected to resign and the ruling Conservative Party's prime minister, David Cameron, seemed dumbfounded that his betrayal of British culture was resisted by so many ethnic Britons. 

The vote to leave the European Union is expected to force a decline in the invasion of Muslim posing as 'refugees,' and a possible reversal of the subsequent erosion of British culture. 

Britain's success may encourage other European nations to leave the EU. 

The Guardian published photos of Briton in dispare; some with their heads bowed in depression and others with their hands over their faces. The Guardian declared Britain "divided," ignoring the fact that the Islamic invasion of the nation was the cause of the division. 

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  1. I must say I was fervently hoping that sanity would prevail, as it did, but I'd thought that the Muslim-vote was going to scuttle it.

  2. God Bless the UK ! Now to send all those street monkeys back to their 3rd world jungle